Downton Live Blog

Given my particular talent for sitting round in my pants doing not much at all, I’ve decided I really ought to see if it’s possible to earn a living doing so. Seeing as live blogging essentially seems to involve two of my other favourite things (watching TV while being sarcastic on the internet) that’s the logical place to start.

I’ve sort of watched Downton but spent most of last week’s episode a little bit distracted by Twitter, so watch me hilariously try and simultaneously type, work out what’s going on, and be funny.




Right. What have we learned.

  1. It’s not as easy as it looks.
  2. Preparation would help (having some key points, thoughts and observations prepared
  3. Some episodes of Downton do not lend themselves to piss taking. I’d have struggled even on Twitter tonight.
  4. Next stop – Great British Bake Off on Tuesday.